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Tipsy Sheep Yarn Club!
Part 4: Live Free or Dye Hard

Due to popular demand, during this round of subscriptions you'll be able to choose between bases (Socktails or Wasted Worsted) and receive up to 2 skeins per mailing!

Within each shipment you will find:

  • NEW! Choose to receive one or two 100g skeins of soft, durable, Tipsy Sheep Yarn in your choice of base! You can have both skeins of the same base, or mix and match to get one of each:
    • Socktails: fingering weight, approx. 463y/100g, 75% superwash merino wool / 25% nylon
    • Wasted Worsted: worsted weight, approx 218y/100g, 100% superwash merino wool
  • A peek into the process with dyers notes about how the cocktail’s ingredients translated into the colors used, as well as whatever misadventures occurred when I tested the inspirational cocktail.
  • Learn an interesting new technique (such as fun cast-ons and edge finishes).
  • Learn to make the signature cocktail yourself – the recipe is right inside the yarn label!
  • I am addicted to candy, and you should be, too. Allow me to enable you.

Yarn will be mailed out at the beginning of the month - usually on the first, or on the first Monday should the month start on a Saturday or Sunday. Here's the schedule:

September 1 Sent! Will be available again in December.
Sense n ManorsDeep twilight blue with bursts of orange, lime, and deep pinkish purple,

October 1 Sent! Will be available again in December.
Envy: A smooth gradient of greens and yellow running from deep mint up through grass and melon, and ending with a pale lemon.

November 3 (Availability: Socktails: 12; Wasted Worsted: 3)
Madonna: Jewel tones of dark blue-green with a small hint of peach and kiwi.

December 1
Blushing Lady: A smooth gradient ranging from cool pomegranate red up through warm berry and finishing as a bright grapefruit pink.

Because there are a bunch of variables for this round, we're gonna do ordering a little bit differently. It's easiest to handle orders on a case-by-case basis via email rather than cook up a hundred different buttons. Please use the form below to place your order! In your message, please include how many months you would like to sign up for, how many skeins you would like to receive, and which base(s) you would like. I will then send you a custom invoice including shipping costs.

Note: The starting price for a single skein each month is $20 plus shipping.


As bright and fun as the cocktail for which it was named, this colorway combines brilliant magenta, rich cranberry, and pops of orange and lime for a yarn that is both girly and stylish.


Sweet and subtle, this colorway mixes greenish gold with hints of pear, mint, and bourbon brown.


Warm tones of coffee, chocolate, cream, and white maket this yarn almost good enough to eat!


Inspired by an r/knitting original cocktail, Kir de Reddit is as warm and welcoming as a summer afternoon. The yarn is a blend of berry and peach ranging from black currant and raspberry to blush and bright cantaloupe.